Choosing a media player

Choosing a media player

Yammi supports different media player backends. Depending on your system, not all of them may be available, see the installation chapter for requirements.


This player uses KDE's standard sound server arts. It does not provide any crossfading capabilities.


This backend uses the X MultiMedia System for playback of songs. It synchronizes the playlist of Yammi with that of XMMS (in both directions, so you can also use the controls of the XMMS gui to skip tracks or seek). You can use all available plugins existing for XMMS, eg. the crossfading plugin.


This backend uses two Noatun, instances for playing your songs. By using two instances, Yammi implements a crossfading of successive tracks (fading out the first Noatun instance while already fading in the second Noatun instance).

To make noatun correctly cooperate with Yammi, you might have to change your noatun configuration:

  • disable "Allow only one instance of Noatun"

  • disable at least "Tag Reader" and "Lucky Tag Reader" in "Other Plugins" (if you experience problems, try to disable all other Plugins

  • choose "Split Playlist" as your playlist plugin


This player backend is still in an experimental state. It uses the gstreamer framework for playback. GStreamer itself uses different backends. It is recommended to use the "osssink" backend, because other backends might crash Yammi when seeking in songs (apparently a bug in the KDE gstreamer bindings, not in Yammi).