Plugin concept of Yammi

Yammi's plugin concept allows executing arbitrary programs for a selection of songs, passing the information from Yammi's database about the selected songs (eg. filename, artist, length, ...) to the programs as command line parameters.

Plugin modes

There are two plugin modes existing: single or group mode.
In single mode, the configured program is invoked for each selected song. A typical usage for single mode could be to copy the selection of songs to another location, ie. invoke the copy command for each song.
In group mode, the information for all selected songs is gathered into a list, and the configured program is invoked once for the selection and can use the list as input parameter. A typical usage would be to create a CD label, first gathering the list of songs, then invoke once the program to actually create the label.

Example for single mode

Let's assume you have a mp3 player and conveniently want to copy a selection of songs from within Yammi to your player. Let's assume that your mp3 player is mounted on /media/player.

Example for group mode

Let's assume you just burned a selection of songs to CD and would like to create a CD label for that selection. We use a command line tool called cdlabelgen, which does a good job in creating CD labels from command line parameters. Now we only have to feed the appropriate info from Yammi to this program as the appropriate input parameters.