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What is Yammi?

Yammi is a digital music manager targeted at listening to and managing large song collections on your computer (eg. a few thousand songs).

Yammi's mission is to make music management on your computer as easy and efficient as it should be, and Yammi's strength is its easy way of finding songs via fuzzy search and/or navigation through the automatically created folders.

To learn more about Yammi, look at it's feature list or take the screenshot tour, review its mission and competition, or download it from the download page and try it for yourself!

Information for Yammi users

You want to extend Yammi's functionality? Look a the plugin page for useful plugin configurations, extending Yammi with other programs and scripts.

Looking for documentation? You can find the the latest version of the Yammi handbook online.

Found a bug? Please have a look at this page for details of how to submit a bug report.

Other feedback? For all other feedback, or to get in contact with the developer(s), please use the yammi-developer mailing list.

Looking for translations or want to submit one? The translation page lists the available translations, and explains how easy it is to contribute to Yammi by adding a new one.

Last update 31/07/2006.