Folder structure

Folder structure

The following folder structure is provided automatically:

Folder "All Music"

Contains all songs in Yammi's database.

Folder "Playlist"

Contains the queue of songs, that are still to play (and includes the currently played song). After a song was played, it is removed from the Playlist (all played songs are listed in the folder "Songs Played").

In this folder you can move songs around to change the order of the playlist. However, you are not allowed to drag a song to the top position, as this is the currently played song. Please note that you can only drag songs if the folder is ordered ascending after the first column ("Pos"), which is the default ordering when you click on this folder.

Folders Albums/Artists/Genre/Year

Contains a subfolder for every album (artist, genre, year) for which there are more than x songs in the database, with x=group threshold. The group threshold defaults to 5, but can be configured in the settings.

Please note that the default group threshold of 5 means that eg. if you add a single song from one artist there will be no folder for that artist created unless there are more than 5 songs of this artist.

Folder Categories

This folder contains "categories" (normally known as "playlists") of songs, that can be created and filled by the user. You can add a song to a category by right-clicking on it and choosing "Insert into..." and the desired category.

The songs in each category can be ordered by dragging the songs to the desired position. Please note that you can only drag songs if the folder is ordered ascending after the first column ("Pos"), which is the default ordering when you click on this folder.

Folder History

This folder contains the history of played songs, each song shown with the timestamp when it was played. For played songs to be logged, you need to activate "logging of played songs" in the preferences. This folder only contains the songs loaded from the history file at startup. Songs played in this session will be appended to the folder "Songs Played".

Folder Songs Played

Contains all songs that have been played in this session of Yammi, together with a timestamp. When Yammi terminates and logging of played songs is activated (see the settings dialog), these songs will be appended to the history file, and will appear in the folder "History" the next time Yammi is started.

Folder Media

Contains a subfolder for every media (eg. CD or DVD) that you prepared for burning with Yammi. Additionally contains a subfolder containing all those songs that are not contained on any media. This allows to easyily manage a backup of your song collection, quickly accessing those songs that are not yet contained on a (backup) media. When burning song files to a CD or DVD with the assistance of Yammi, the program adds information to its database about on which media (and under which path on that media) each song is available. This enables you to quickly find on which media you have song files, and it enables Yammi to request the required media to load songs into a swap directory (jukebox functionality).

Folder Problematic Songs

This Folder contains songs that were found problematic when performing a consistency check or database update (eg. songs contained twice). Note: This folder will not be saved to Yammi's database, therefore you should look at the identified problems immediately after performing a database update or consistency check.

Folder Search Results

This folder contains the results of the last search.

Folder Recent Additions

Yammi automatically groups into this folder the latest additions to your song database.

Folder Unclassified

This folder contains all songs that are not appearing in either

- a category

- the folder "Artists"

- the folder "Albums"

This folder can assist you in organizing your songs into categories.

Directory structure

Yammi does not require a specific directory structure of your song collection as Yammi keeps its own database of songs with all necessary information (artist, title, album, filename, ...). This song databse is saved as a simple xml file in the user's home directory (normally under ~/.kde/share/apps/yammi/songdb.xml).

However, you should not move your songfiles from outside Yammi, because Yammi will not find the files any more (although Yammi tries to detect files that have been moved on a database update). Therefore Yammi provides a function to move song files, which at the same time updates the information in Yammi's database.

Tip: It still helps a lot to have a fixed directory structure, like {artist}/{album}/{artist} - {title}.{suffix}, and Yammi actively supports this with its consistency check modes (which allow you to move your songs to the appropriate location and/or rename them automatically when you change tags).