Using yammi 1.2.1

Chapter 3. Using yammi 1.2.1

This is how yammi looks like in action:


General Usage

The general usage of Yammi is intuitive:

  • On the left, the "Quick Browser" provides a list of folders, each containing a list of songs or subfolders.

  • On the right, all songs contained in the currently selected folder are shown.

  • Normally you would use the Quick Browser to pick a selection of (or all) songs, then the songlist to pick one (or more) songs to play, edit, categorise, ...

  • Alternatively, you can type something into the search field to search for a particular song, artist or album.

  • The most important actions are available in the toolbar or context-menu (right-click on a song or a folder), the rest is available via the main menu.